Henry T's

Burgers wings and things


Henry T's is a popular and local favorite that offers the best burgers in town and the best wings anywhere. Our own Yankee Tank Brewing Company provides great local craft beers. We offer many TV's with all the sports packages so you can watch your favorite team while enjoying great food and great beer.


In 1858 New Hampshire native George Burt moved to Lawrence and Purchased the 160 acres surrounding Henry T's property in Lawrence. While farming and servicing stagecoaches along the California Trail, he sold half of his claim to his friend Henry T. Davis. On August 21st, 1863, Burt awoke to murder and mayhem. Quantrill and 300 of his Bushwhackers which included Jesse and Frank James, and Cole Younger, attacked Lawrence burning more than 80 buildings and murdering 150 men and boys, including Burt. Henry T. Davis, Davis's wife and their family were buried in a family cemetery still located in the northwest corner of our property in Lawrence.